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This site was created to pit various aspects from both Star Wars and Star Trek, in an attempt to illustrate to the world, once and for all, which Science Fiction series is the best! You may think that this task is absurd. You may argue that keeping things unbiased would be impossible. You may just not realize the point to the whole thing. Whatever is running through your mind while you read this, you must still agree that the outcome of this rather pointless website may prove interesting! Feel free to contribute or participate in any aspect of this website. I will try my hardest to stay completely unbiased, and I ask that you do too! Do not feel that you will be betraying your series of choice by choosing the other side's pick, because the way a question is phrased(i.e.: "Scariest Monster" or "Deadliest Monster") may change how you answer the poll. Keep checking back, because I have a lot of ideas planned for this website. If you would like to comment, ask a question, give a suggestion or get in contact with me for any reason, please e-mail me!



I hold no rights to anything on this website. Any and all images used on this website are the intelectual property of Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry and his estate, and any and all other trademark holders. This website was created in fun, and no intentional way was it ever meant to slander or defame anything or anyone.